Business Revenue

Create a smart field team that improves customer satisfaction and retention.


Fulfillment Costs

Optimize costs by efficiently implementing Omni-channel and last-mile deliveries


Damage Detection Rate

Streamline complex processes like damage detection on rental units

SAP Integrated Mobile Workflows on iOS– without coding!

Three Steps to a Mobile Workforce

Design mobile workflows

Develop, configure and test mobile apps

Rollout mobile apps to workforce

See how global companies rely on us to mobilize their workforce with our Custom Mobile Apps

Solutions for the Logistics Industry

This last-mile delivery situation depicts the process flow of a worker (1) choosing the delivery based on the capacity in its vehicle and (2) the vehicle getting stuck in a traffic jam. Due to the traffic, our workflow sends a delay notification to the customer and operations team with a new delivery time.

Solutions for the IoT Industry

Our platform applies modern design principles to data that it incorporates from robots (sensors) in the field. This routes technicians to a robot that corresponds to a machinery that needs immediate repair.

Solutions for the Rental Industry

We enable among others the rental business to detect, calculate and resolve damages to units in real-time upon return. Using logic, the business processes needed for a specific rental firm are customized into workflows.

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Latest Updates

February ’17: Partnership with SAP and nomination in their iOS Early Adopter program. The benefits for SAP-powered businesses are:

Workflows introduced in less than a month

More affordable than other competitors

Deep integration into the HANA cloud platform

Number of Processes Computed to Date

The only field service platform you need.
Mobilize your workforce now!