Mobility for complex business operations

Who we are

LogiMove is a global provider of customizable and low-code enterprise solutions that transform complex business processes into efficient workflows. We were founded in August 2008 in Hamburg, Germany as CheckMobile GmbH, and since then have been the technology leader in offering clients mobile solutions to their field service operations.

We execute more than one million business processes per day for European Fortune 50 companies such as Hertz, Caterpillar, Media Saturn (Germany’s Best Buy) and Europcar. Our office locations span across London, Paris, Moscow, Hamburg and most recently the San Francisco Bay Area.

What we do

LogiMove solves the critical problem of an enterprise i.e. real-time interaction between field service jobs, workers, and business needs.

We transform field tasks that are executed inefficiently using paperwork by moving them onto an easy-to-use mobile application. This Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform will revolutionize the way companies, in real time, can:

  • Schedule, dispatch and execute field jobs,
  • Monitor and engage with machinery and
  • Analyze performance

Why choose us

We understand that field services keep our world running and the key to making a go-to application for every field technician is efficiency. Hence, we deliver:

  • Low-code mobile solutions that decrease your technology costs
  • Business process designer which offers customizable workflows
  • Easy-to-use mobile interface for field technicians that increase workforce productivity

Choose us to make yourself, your employees and most importantly your customers satisfied!

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