LogiMove offers a customizable platform for the diverse industrial ecosystem


With a constant increase in the sharing economy, equipment rentals saw average fleet growth reaching 2.31 million in 2016. The state of the art rental solution we have created is inspired by (1) the growing need for more customer satisfaction and (2) the goal to drive down operational costs.

LogiMove’s personalized mobile solution can make your agents more efficient in equipment rentals. We also offer customized solutions for other rental units like heavy machinery, HVAC, and energy tools.


Ensuring competitive advantage in logistical processing of your goods is done by giving up paper-based and manual processes. As demand for a flow of cross-functional information, goods and materials through the global supply chain increases, automation becomes even more pivotal.

LogiMove can transform your enterprise through mobile and data-driven solutions.

Field Service

Automated field services put the right person at the right time on the job to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. The two key metrics in this industry are customer satisfaction and high employee productivity. The process to connect all the dots in maintenance and offer mobile access to technicians is the key.

Find out more about how you can optimize this process and make your customers and technicians happy.


Using a collection of sensors, computers, and machines our solutions can read your world on their own. They then use mobile interfaces to tell you what decisions to make, given the current state of affairs. IoT is a solution looking for a problem.

Find out more about how LogiMove in partnership with SAP can help transform your business.

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