Our logic-based algorithms convert complex business needs into practical workflows

Transport & Logistics

A tool customizable for your unique logistical needs. The LogiMove platform not only optimizes warehousing procedures but also allows you to easily implement your individual application scenarios without having to resort to special know-how. All parameters of the solution are automated to re-adjusted based on real-time logistical operations.

Some solutions we offer:

  • First Mile & Reverse Pick-up
  • Route planning
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Hub traffic optimization

Facility Maintenance and IoT

A McKinsey report recently reported that of roughly 30,000 available sensors on an oil rig, an average of only 1% is active at any given time. Having sensors installed on machinery is not enough, having them actively talk to a central platform is they key.

This is where LogiMove, in partnership with SAP create a platform to report the data into a HANA cloud software. This data is then translated into tasks that are provided to mobile field technicians in real-time. We help you gain the visibility to predict failures. We also offer solutions for non-IoT field maintenance process solutions


Rental Management

LogiMove’s solution helps rentals of heavy machinery, HVAC and energy equipment to increase the efficiency of operational processes and improve visibility of assets. We offer a seamless process to complete an end-to-end management of inventory from the time a customer checks out a rental unit to its invoicing upon return. The current problem of inefficiency in this sector is due to the manual paperwork that goes into these rental processes.

These steps can be streamlined by LogiMove as we offer logic workflows in functionalities like Check-In Date/Time, Fuel & Mileage, Technical Faults, Cleaning Level, Real-time Damage calculation, Invoice creation, Registration, Parking etc.

The detailed customization and short implementation time make LogiMove solution easy to use.


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