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The 2nd largest electronic retailer finds a 26% decline in fulfillment cost per online order


A billion-dollar medical device firm reduced training time for new dispatchers by 55%


Equipment Rental customer gains a 75% increase in Damage Detection rate

Healthcare Logistics Fulfillment

Client: KCI, an Acelity company

Situation: Around 100,000 times a year, human-health related incidents happen in Germany. As a result, a KCI product is urgently needed in one of the 3,000 hospitals within 4 hours. The logistics and fulfillment of these devices are pivotal to human survival

Implementation: An emergency task delivery mechanism which delivers medical devices to a hospital within four hours, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Benefits: The online management of the whole lifecycle of rental units by LogiMove resulted in a 12% decrease in standby deliveries and a staggering 50% decrease in the number of service centers used by KCI.

Timeline to implement: 2-3 months

Equipment & Car Rental

Clients: Zeppelin Caterpillar

Situation: Renting brings more efficient use of capital, access to a wider range of equipment etc. To improve efficiency, the market needs a customizable solution that covers entire inventories.

Implementation: Camera integration into the mobile workflow so a field worker can correctly document and charge for the damages on an equipment.

Benefits: The User Experience and on-boarding process for field workers were drastically improved which resulted in cost reductions. Less skilled personnel were hired that decreased salaries by 15%

Timeline to implement: 3-5 months

Omni-channel Logistics

Client: Media-Saturn

Situation: The world’s second largest consumer electronics retailer is looking to utilize technology to transform their logistics and order fulfillment platform. The core problem they face is that they have a singular distribution and operation model which is not sufficient to meet business growth.

Implementation: A delivery request system that is split into five different processes and can be completed in any 5-hour cycle during the day.

Benefits: Higher logistical efficiency coupled with an increase in customer satisfaction and retention led to a 50% increase in average online turnover.

Timeline to implement: 4-6 months

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